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Families with young Children
Elbow Beach Hotel

Elbow Beach Hotel

A luxury resort & spa, is part of Mandarin Oriental's portfolio of world-class establishments. The resort offers an extensive range of recreational facilities.

Business Men
The Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel

The Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel

410 guest rooms and suites, available in a wide choice of styles and sizes to suit the needs of every guest.

Romantic Getaways for Two
The Reefs Hotel

The Reefs Hotel

One of Bermuda's finest resort properties. An intimate resort with only 65 guest rooms and suites, the resort boasts an infinity pool and an award-winning spa.

Looking for Amusement
The Fairmont Southampton Hotel Bermuda

The Fairmont Southampton Hotel

Perched on Bermuda’s stunning south shore with miles of pink sand beaches, hotel was voted one of the top resorts in 2010.

The typical type of holiday accommodation for visitors in Bermuda is the hotel. There are numerous variations of small and large hotels which populate the Bermuda shoreline and the majority of them boast certain level of luxury, depending on your wallet. It's quite common for hotels to have restaurants within them and in some cases even spas for that exclusive pampering. The majority of Bermuda hotels also offer some sort of in-house entertainment whether as evening musical shows, comedies or even a host of various other entertainment and it's also not hard to lounge around in the in-house bar for a pint or two. Generally speaking the Bermuda hotel accommodations are extremely secure and safe.

You can also find hotels in Bermuda which rank as full-blown resorts having more features including larger rooms as well as suites. Many resorts come with exclusive cabanas, and there really are a host of additional resort advantages including certain level of exclusivity within the services that are offered. The very best source of information about Bermuda hotels is our powerful search engine and you'll be able to discover the variety of options that are offered and also consider what would match within your budget. The sooner you make a reservation for a resort or hotel in Bermuda, the better the likelihood of you getting good rates.

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